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Hero's Heart works with ALL types of animals in need.
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Hero's Heart Animal Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization

EIN 30-0220158

Help us, help them

A litter of 10 puppies were abandoned and seeking help. They are loving their foster people!
This beautiful family of strays took up residence in a family's garage. They were brought to safety and found loving homes.
Sugar Plum & Gumdrop were strays that were rescued by the local fire department after climbing a tall tree and could not come down.
Hero, a very special dog who inspires us long after he left us, to persevere and keep focusing on each day as a new opportunity.



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How You Can Help Animals In Need

About Us

Hero's Heart is a non-profit 501c3 organization that focuses on helping ALL types of animals in need through local and regional collaborations; to include public education, prosecution for crimes against animals and lobbying for humane animal welfare reform. 

Hero's Heart was named after a very special dog, named Hero. Please read his rescue story here.            

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 Special Spotlight 


I want to tell you my story!

I was a young stray female dog roaming on a reservation in northern MN. No one (including me) is really sure how I came to be there. But I was hungry, I know that. And I had a pretty big open wound on my hind leg. It hurt. But I wasn't sure what to do about the hunger or the pain. I just looked for food and hoped for the best. 

Apparently I was being watched by some cameras. The cameras notified Hero's Heart Animal Rescue and The Retrievers. They came and trapped me. At least that's how I think it worked?

Now I've had help for my wound, I'm not hungry anymore, and I'm vaccinated too, I guess. On May 14th I'll be spayed.  I'm very excited to find my forever home. I'm ok with other dogs, cats are ok, and I really like the horses! They are super cool! I'm thinking I might start eating hay so I can hang out with them!

I have had some anxiety, as I'm sure you can understand. I will need a home that can give me a lot of time, attention and patience. I'm learning the potty training thing, as well as how to walk on a leash. 

Please contact Hero's Heart if you'd like to learn more about me! 

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We focus on animals in need: the stray, lost, abandoned, neglected, homeless, abused, and forgotten.

We need your help to help them.

Please consider donating much needed items from our 

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Understanding Community Cats

Hero's Heart is the State Leader for United Spay Alliance: Promoting affordable, accessible, and
timely spay/neuter services nationwide.

Visit United Spay Alliance for many resources including learning about the different socialization traits of cats: social and non-social, feral, semi-feral, domestic, etc. Learn how to identify the types of cats and understand their needs and behaviors, and how to interact with them safely.

United Spay Alliance - Minnesota Chapter

Resources for You and Your Pets

Links to helpful articles and libraries of information.


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Help us, help them. Please consider joining us in our quest to help animals in need. 


Thanks for your support!

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