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Serious Kitten

MN State Statutes

ALL animals are protected under MN Law, including Feral Cats, Stray Animals, Homeless Animals, Farm Animals, Wildlife,
Exotics, and all other groups of animals per the definition of
Chapter 343

Statute 343.20 Subd. 2:

"Animal" means every living creature except members of the human race.

See Chapter 343.21 Overworking or Mistreating Animals; Penalty


You must be their voice, their protector, when no one else will. Please report any act of cruelty, abuse, neglect and torture to local law enforcement immediately, and also contact

Minnesota Federated Humane Societies here.

Minnesota Animal Welfare Statutes

Office Of The Revisor

The Revisor's Office is a nonpartisan office of the Minnesota Legislature. The office provides confidential drafting services of legislative and administrative documents. Since its founding in 1939, the office has served as the compiler of Minnesota Statutes and is the official publisher of Minnesota Statutes, Laws, and Rules.

City Ordinances

Find your local city ordinances here. 


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